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Personalized Investment Design

Essential Planning for Every Life Stage

Your Retirement Vision

Discovery is a learning process to help us understand who you are, not much how money you have. Understanding your history, attitude towards investing, values and goals for the future is what we call “qualitative data”. Our Complimentary Consultation also gives you the opportunity to assess our professional back round, investment methodology and the types of products we use to achieve your Retirement Vision.

Your Retirement Focus

Pre-Retirement planning often causes high levels of anxiety and confusion which can lead to poor decisions. Defining your Retirement Focus establishes your target retirement date and prioritizes retirement activities. For example, more than a few of our clients fund vacations by traveling to other countries where they are paid to house-sit and/or receive no-charge accommodations.

Defining inherent risks like extraordinary life expectancy, rising health care costs and market downturns empower us to execute tactical contingency plan(s) as necessary.

Your Retirement Income

Objective advice is one of the most valuable services a financial professional brings to a Personal Investment Design. Establishing a “Reasonable Withdrawal Rate” or draw-down rate is a key component to evaluating your Retirement Income. Determining if your investments are keeping up with stock market returns is an exercise in futility if a client is withdrawing too much money from their nest egg. Your HFG Professional will propose investment solutions during this phase including asset allocation strategy, bucket strategy and multi-year projections.

Your Retirement Roadmap

Phases 1 through 3 of our Personalized Investment Design provide the necessary framework to execute upon a certain timeline of events and activities. We furnish our clients with a 10-12 page Retirement Roadmap, an outline of our service level agreements, fee schedule and regulatory disclosures.

Your Retirement Goals

Our clientele has access to a wide variety of resources to support and educate you about issues of personal finance, retirement planning, investment strategies and more. In addition to our Branch professionals, our regional and toll-free service center associates can also answer your questions. You will also receive regular newsletters, important updates, and have access to online planning tools and more.